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Evaluating Clear Solutions For Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are veins that have raised above the skin’s surface. For most women and men, they hinder the appearance of their legs and could produce pain. Under certain conditions, these veins could lead to leg ulcers that could become life threatening for some patients. Clinicians present the venaseal treatment to eliminate these veins and restore the appearance of patient’s legs.

What Causes Varicose Veins?

The primary causes of varicose veins are standing or sitting for extended periods of time. Workers who face these challenges are more likely to develop varicose veins in their lifetime. Poor circulation could also cause the veins. The first step for treating varicose veins is compression stockings. If the use of these stockings doesn’t address the condition, patients could seek more extensive measures.

How is the Process Performed?

The clinicians make a small incision into which they insert a small catheter. The vein glue treatment requires the doctor to inject the glue into the vein directly. The clinician uses an ultrasound to guide them through the vein. This prevents the potential risks of damage. The glue closes the vein completely. It also closes the small incision made by the doctor. Once the varicose vein is sealed, the blood begins to flow into nearby veins.


What are the Likely Results of the Treatment?

According to statistics, the treatment has a 94 percent success rate. However, results vary among patients. The size of the vein could play a role in determining the success rate for the procedure. Since it is a newer treatment opportunity, the clinician should evaluate the vein to ensure that it remains closed.

Are There Potential Complications or Risks?

The vein glue option could produce similar risks as alternative treatments for these veins. This includes the potential for an allergic reaction to the glue. Select patients have developed blood clots, bruising, or infection. While the procedure doesn’t require any downtime, patients should remain alert of any signs of adverse reactions. If they experience any signs of symptoms of a complication, they should contact their care provider or visit an emergency room promptly.

Patients have a new opportunity for eliminating varicose veins. The new glue treatment allows a clinician to close the vein using a professional grade adhesive. The product is injected into the vein after a small incision is made. It doesn’t present great risks to the patient or extensive recovery time. Patients who wish to undergo the VenaSeal Vein Glue should contact a clinician today.